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Rush Hour

May 28, 2008

A slow moving art project from the little people.

Homing pigeon?

March 27, 2008

pigeon.jpgDavid Shrigleyis an illustrator turned photographer. This is probably the funniest pic on offer the rest of the work is so so.    


February 22, 2008

xray.jpgThis has go to be painful. See some more here. 

Cable tv anyone?

February 16, 2008

picture-14.png Pilsner Urquell hold two International Photography competitions every year – 0ne for professionals and the other for, yeah you guessed it non-professionals. This pic only came third in the coveted “Cityscapes” section, but I like it so well done Lottie. 

The Shoreditch Slasher

February 12, 2008

picture-61.png                If you are fortunate or unfortunate enough to live in the Shoreditch area, you might have noticed the recent spate of  posters featuring decapitated heads. Looks like the East end has got it’s self another Jack the Ripper. Check out their work on flickr.

Everything’s gonna be alright

February 12, 2008

picture-2.png  JeanYves Lemoigne takes some beautiful pics. Particularly the the “things you should never do” series.

North London shopping

February 5, 2008

selfridges.jpg     A new branch of Selfridges opens in Stoke Newington 

Sleeveface 2

February 1, 2008

picture-5.png   You may recall that a while back I alerted everyone to the impending internet phenomenon that is sleeveface. Well, it’s  now moved out of the basement and has it’s own section on flickr. There’s even talk of a sleeveface movie on E4.

Oi snowflake! Get off my land

January 31, 2008

1_snowflake6.jpg   Riitta is a Finnish based artist and with the help of Anni Kaponen, a photographer. They have made a series of pictures highlighting the lack of snow they now get in Finland. 

Ice Storm Madness

January 24, 2008

icestorm.jpgThis pic was taken somewhere in the Canada. De-icer anyone?