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Empire state of mind

September 19, 2010

Colin Hesterly is a very talented individual who will definitely go places if his work to date is anything to go by. Still studying in The Florida his work ranges from animation, motion graphics to photography. He’s got a cinematic eye and there’s a real commercial flavour to all his work.

Nice stuff here.


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That was the week that was

February 1, 2010

Sorry I didn’t post much last week, but the last seven days have been the most hectic and the most fun at work.

We started out by launching the world’s first Augmented Reality clothing range for kids label BrightsandStripes. A huge technical and logistical achievement which we turned around in two months.  Phew.

We were also involved in putting together all the advertising for the world’s first 3d football match. Pretty amazing to say I was one of the first people on the planet to have seen the event.

And then we had to launch the new and final series of Lost, which we did by hiring the Reduced Shakespeare Company. Who condensed all 5 series and over 100 hours of tv viewing into just a ten minute theatrical show. Very funny stuff.

Video to follow soon.

Picture this

November 1, 2009


Benedict Redgrove is a fantastic car and architectural photographer, who creates beautifully composed shots of car factories and buildings (funny that). Check out the pages and pages of his work here.

I Love Dust

October 27, 2009


I had the privilege of meeting these guys last week. And what a talented bunch they are. Designing t-shirts, skateboards, clothing labels, ad’s, album launches, tv ad’s, shoes, packaging. Wow. They have offices in all the creative hubs around the world London, New York and Portsmouth!. Nice people I hope to work with in the future. Check out their stuff here.

Lego Monsters

October 14, 2009

alien lego

Don’t feel embarrassed playing with Lego anymore. While your youngest attempts to build a car that will never roll. You can scare him shitless by reconstructing Alien or The Predator. More  incredible Movie Lego work here.

Don’t stare it’s Ruud

October 14, 2009

ruud bann

Ruud Bann is a Dutch based photographer who has a great body of work on his site. He creates and captures fantastic portraits of people. He’s sort of like a Dutch La Chapelle without the hi-gloss. Nice work here.

The Invisible Man

October 9, 2009

Invisible lorry

Chinese performance artist Liu Bolin. Known locally as the invisible man Liu paints himself into his surroundings. Explaining his work he says, “My artwork dipicts the diminishing humanity in today’s society. I use my art to reflect on culture, the environment and the fast economic development.” Whatever. Nice pic’s though. Here.

Make my logo lighter

September 14, 2009

floating logo's

Matt Siber’s Floating Logos series, has been around for a while, but he has just released a second series of pics in the same style. Having just been in The USA for last 2 weeks these pictures feel more real to me somehow. Their incredible but simple images that stay with you and because every time you see a glossy colourful logo on the street you can only imagine it floating.

Work, work, work

June 29, 2009

Bit of monday morning fun to get you all fired up for the challenges ahead this week.

Transformers 2

June 29, 2009

Seems to be the order of the day. Transformers that is. La Poste are at it as well. Nice bit of animation here.