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Teenage mutant ninja dogs

August 27, 2010

Sandy Paws is an animal “grooming” shop based in “Old Town” Yucca Valley. Look it up on google maps, it looks thoroughly depressing. Clearly if you live in Yucca Valley California, their isn’t a whole lot going on. So what better way to spend your time than to dress your dog up to look like a camel, or a ninja turtle, or even a peacock. I shit you not. Sandy Paws you should be ashamed. And no I don’t think Cindy enjoys it, as you say,  (Cindy is the dog at the centre of each transformation by the way) just look at the fear in poor Cindy’s face when you dressed her up as a dragon. Roooaaar!


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Say what you see

October 13, 2009


From the boredom that was the recent political party conferences, some clever sausage has created a bit of fun. Just click the words on screen and the political leaders say the words. In case you don’t know who the peeps are. Brown, Cameron and Clegg are the leaders of the main political parties here in The England. Fun here.

I believe I can fly

May 11, 2009

car flying

Back in the day (April last year actually) I posted a blog about the incredible photography of Li Wei, this post featured Li’s phography of people falling off of buildings. Well Li is back and has just updated his website. There are a whole host of new and fun pics featuring people in precarious elevated positions. Nice.

Check out his site here.

Who’s bad?

April 23, 2009


Build your own Michael Jackson or Weird Al Jankovic face. Have fun here.

Burglary is a pain in the arse

April 7, 2009


Now apparently this muppet was trying to break out of the East London Museum (not one of the famous ones), scared by the alarm that he triggered. The bumbling fool slipped from the tree he was climbing and got impaled on the fence below. The screams of the man echoed around the museum until he was heard by a man driving by who called the police. 

The police rushed to the scene and eventually had to cut the 30cm long steel spike from the fence so they can remove him. Naturally, the spike damaged his rectum and intestines, (sounds like a normal night in prison i’d say). Luckily for us, some sicko took pics for us all to see. Check them out here.

Oh deer

March 22, 2009


Here in London town, we now have Google street maps, which is pretty amazing and causing all sorts of debate amongst residents associations I’d imagine. So to honour Google’s arrival, I thought I’d post this story of Google maps first road kill. Nice. More pic’s and link here.

Grate fun!

January 10, 2009

Grate fun!

Don’t stand so, don’t stand so close to…

January 7, 2009


What gets me is the guy is so casual about the fact he was nearly killed, he just gets his camera and starts taking pics. Nutter.

I see fat people

November 16, 2008



Bugs gunny

November 4, 2008


Theirs a great new exhibition at Aquarium L-13 which features cartoon heroes gone bad. Check it out here.