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Eyewitness news, backin it up.

September 20, 2010

It’s all going on in Kansas City. Firstly this woman appears on some low-rent news station giving an oscar winning performance for her eyewitness report. Then someone takes it, gives it the vocoder effect and hey presto a genuine chart classic. Nice.


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That was the week that was

February 1, 2010

Sorry I didn’t post much last week, but the last seven days have been the most hectic and the most fun at work.

We started out by launching the world’s first Augmented Reality clothing range for kids label BrightsandStripes. A huge technical and logistical achievement which we turned around in two months.  Phew.

We were also involved in putting together all the advertising for the world’s first 3d football match. Pretty amazing to say I was one of the first people on the planet to have seen the event.

And then we had to launch the new and final series of Lost, which we did by hiring the Reduced Shakespeare Company. Who condensed all 5 series and over 100 hours of tv viewing into just a ten minute theatrical show. Very funny stuff.

Video to follow soon.

Making the unbreakable, breakable

January 18, 2010

At this year’s CES a BBC reporter demonstrates the amazing qualities of the first “unbreakable” mobile phone…it breaks. Nice work here.

If you don’t know what CES is, it’s basically where all the latest technological advancements in phones, tv, media are unveiled. More here.

Plane Stupid

November 27, 2009

If you are in the least bit squeamish this vid probably isn’t for you. But then again if you choose to fly in a plane maybe you should be forced to watch it. The advert for Plane Stupid is pretty shocking from an animal cruelty pov, but will it stop me flying to go on holiday or business? No. How else can I get across the atlantic in 7 hours? Also, I’m not entirely sure the tagline, “it’s not about polar bears anymore” fits with visuals. I thought that was what the ad was trying to prove.

But the ad did get me thinking and before i get down off of my high horse, this week alone I have heard of three conflicting climate change issues. Monday, the unregulated business of global shipping was responsible for more carbon emissions than anything else. Tuesday, car journeys were more responsible for climate change than anything else. Yesterday, it’s flying.

In an already cluttered market, where consumers (that’s what we are) are bombarded by thousands of messages a day. How is the punter on the street supposed to decipher the green/carbon messages and get behind any of these initiatives. If I did react to all of this weeks messages, in a positive way I wouldn’t purchase any items, travel by plane or get in my car. Hmmmm. What to do?

Say what you see

October 13, 2009


From the boredom that was the recent political party conferences, some clever sausage has created a bit of fun. Just click the words on screen and the political leaders say the words. In case you don’t know who the peeps are. Brown, Cameron and Clegg are the leaders of the main political parties here in The England. Fun here.

One small step for man, one giant leap for blog-kind

July 20, 2009

If lie me you weren’t born or were busy the day man landed on the moon, you can now relive it thanks to the internet. And as it is 40 years ago to the day that we landed on the mood what better reason do you need to check it out.

It’s kind of shame we haven’t gone anywhere else really….mmmm. I have an idea.

Ghost of Michael

July 8, 2009

Mysterious figure seen on Larry King’s tour of Neverland. Hold on to your tour tickets he could still be making an appearance.


July 6, 2009

castle paper

If you’ve got a spare 4 years of life knocking about,  you might just be thinking I’m gonna build a huge paper house, right? No.

Well an art student from Tokyo has been working on this project painstakingly for four years and has now competed his masterpiece complete with turning ferris wheel, lights and a train. The only problem is that the walls are paper thin. He he he. Admittedly,  it does look amazing, but just think of how many hours of grand theft auto Mr Itou has missed out on (see post below).

Not so plain paper here.

Who are ya!

April 16, 2009

In honour of Chelsea, Arsenal, and Man Utd making the Champions League Semi-finals. Heres World footballer of the year Cristiano Ronaldo goading the Chelsea fans before a match.

Burglary is a pain in the arse

April 7, 2009


Now apparently this muppet was trying to break out of the East London Museum (not one of the famous ones), scared by the alarm that he triggered. The bumbling fool slipped from the tree he was climbing and got impaled on the fence below. The screams of the man echoed around the museum until he was heard by a man driving by who called the police. 

The police rushed to the scene and eventually had to cut the 30cm long steel spike from the fence so they can remove him. Naturally, the spike damaged his rectum and intestines, (sounds like a normal night in prison i’d say). Luckily for us, some sicko took pics for us all to see. Check them out here.