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Scott Pilgrim vs the trailer

August 24, 2010

Nice idea to promote the latest Edgar Wright movie Scott Pilgrim vs the world. I’m not sure you learn anything more about the film than you would from a conventional trailer, but it feels in keeping with the movie premise and made me play along and interact. Which is more than half the battle. Nice here.


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Star wars Uncut

August 20, 2010

Star Wars Uncut is the brainchild of Casey Pugh, a developer dedicated to creating new and fun experiences on the web.

Working as a developer at Vimeo, Casey became interested in using the internet as a tool for crowdsourcing user content.

Star Wars Uncut is the product of 2 years of hard work for Casey who wanted to test the appetite for creating a crowd sourced movie.

Rather than create a film from scratch Casey broke the first Star Wars film down into 15 second segments and asked the general public to make their own favourite segment of the  film. The results are in and the final edit is now available to view online.

If you love Be kind Rewind you’ll love this. Very lo-fi but none the less entertaining.


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The city that never sleeps

August 20, 2010

They say New York never sleeps, but where else in the world would someone race across town at 5am at 100mph all for a bit of romance -Paris of course.  C’etait un Rendez-vous is a film by Claude Lelouch’s made in 1976 and translates as ‘It was a date’. The ending may be a bit cheesy, but if you ever wanted to race across a cities empty streets you’ll forgive it. Put your headphones on, turn up the sound and enjoy.


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Scarface or babyface?

April 9, 2010

The most surreal thing I’ve seen since…last week. Kids re-enacting Scarface for a school play. The video has hit almost 3 million views in just over 48 hours, which makes it one of the fastest growing if not the fastest online release of all time. However, it’s not come without controversy, with comments and opinions divided over the subject matter.

Kids re-enacting drug use and  killing. Discuss.

Nightmare on 13th Street

March 4, 2010

The world’s first interactive horror movie. Nice work from the people at 13th street.

Alice in Wonderland 1903

March 4, 2010

On the launch date of Tim Burton’s Alice film i thought i’d share with you the original Alice in Wonderland which was shot over 100 years ago. Unlike Burton’s 2 hour cg rampage. The original 1903 version was only 12 minutes long and thanks to the BFi 8 minutes of the film gave been restored for our viewing pleasure.

Found via the fab Retronaut.

Nuit Blanche

February 22, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Nuit Blanche“, posted with vodpod

Superb short film, that tells a simple narrative through complex animation and intriguing CG visuals. Nice work from Arev Manoukin. The only thing thta’s better than this short is the making of, found here.

Lights, web camera, action

January 29, 2010

Absolutely genius bit of work from The Sweden. Movie fun here.


January 18, 2010

This weekend saw the release of the new adidas star wars collection? The teaser ad has a cool slick party vibe, ala adidas’ house party, with of course the obligatory David Beckham shot. Sneaker fans are invited to visit the adidas facebook page to find out release info etc, etc, yawn.

Avatar the official game, in 1979

January 17, 2010

The very talented people at Penneydesign have come up with some nice retro themed games covers based on contemporary movie releases. My personal favourite is Cloverfield, more gaming fun here.