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September 19, 2010

Every day I seem to read more and more about these guys and what they are up to. So I thought I would add to the noise and write a post about em.

In case you don’t know who or what Skateistan is. Founded in 2008 in the war torn country of Afghanistan, Skateistan was set up as the world’s first co-educational skateboard school. It takes the displaced youth of Kabul and through skateboarding teaches them about cross-cultural relations, education and personal development.

It amazes me that in the midst of all the one of the bloodiest and politically unstable countries. A group people/volunteers have taken it upon themselves to help the next generation of kids in Kabul and hopefully give them brighter futures.

Great stuff here.


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Teenage mutant ninja dogs

August 27, 2010

Sandy Paws is an animal “grooming” shop based in “Old Town” Yucca Valley. Look it up on google maps, it looks thoroughly depressing. Clearly if you live in Yucca Valley California, their isn’t a whole lot going on. So what better way to spend your time than to dress your dog up to look like a camel, or a ninja turtle, or even a peacock. I shit you not. Sandy Paws you should be ashamed. And no I don’t think Cindy enjoys it, as you say,  (Cindy is the dog at the centre of each transformation by the way) just look at the fear in poor Cindy’s face when you dressed her up as a dragon. Roooaaar!


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The city that never sleeps

August 20, 2010

They say New York never sleeps, but where else in the world would someone race across town at 5am at 100mph all for a bit of romance -Paris of course.  C’etait un Rendez-vous is a film by Claude Lelouch’s made in 1976 and translates as ‘It was a date’. The ending may be a bit cheesy, but if you ever wanted to race across a cities empty streets you’ll forgive it. Put your headphones on, turn up the sound and enjoy.


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How the west was won

August 19, 2010

Captured is an incredible collection of beautiful photographs taken in small towns in America around the early 40s to document the effects of the Depression. Incredible stuff here.


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Pole dancing

August 19, 2010

In the India, pole dancing championships means something very different to what you and I would  imagine. Gone are sexy women or half drunk flabby girls in clubs and in come agile men who perform sublime athletic moves.

The guy 1:40 in is genuinely incredible.


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What’s your secret?

April 28, 2010

50 people one question is a fantastic website/video project where the creators have gone out onto the streets of New York and asked 50 people one simple question (funny that) What’s your secret?

Boring, I hear you say, but the results are strangely intriguing and mesmerizing. The answers range from the ridiculous to the heartfelt and scary the end result makes for compelling viewing. Check out the master film and the four other they have created here.

Scarface or babyface?

April 9, 2010

The most surreal thing I’ve seen since…last week. Kids re-enacting Scarface for a school play. The video has hit almost 3 million views in just over 48 hours, which makes it one of the fastest growing if not the fastest online release of all time. However, it’s not come without controversy, with comments and opinions divided over the subject matter.

Kids re-enacting drug use and  killing. Discuss.

Is it bird? Is it a plane? Not it’s Ray.

March 2, 2010

Crazy shit from a bunch of guys in a warehouse somewhere. I want one.

Ghost town

January 5, 2010

I’m not big on financial news, but this story is doing the rounds at the moment and it caught my eye. The Chinese government have built a brand new city in Mongolia called Ordos in just five years. This city has skyscrpaers, housing, concert halls everything a western city would have except one thing…people. The city has no residents. Why? Because it is just too expensive for the average man on the street. This purpose built city is less than 20 miles from the original Ordos city, which the government felt was too rundown, so they built a new one. The result is they built a shiny new city which is too expensive for anyone to afford and so the whole population still live in the rundown city next door. Madness here.

Empire state of mind

January 4, 2010

I can’t believe i missed this. Stephen Witlshire painted the New York skyline and it was live on his website. In case you don’t know who Stephen Wiltshire is, well he’s a an artist who draws and paints detailed cityscapes. He has a particular talent for drawing lifelike, accurate representations of cities, sometimes after having only observed them for a few minutes. His amazing photographic memory and knack for drawing earned him an MBE from the Queen. What makes his achievement an even more incredible feat is that Stephen was born with autism and communication skills.

Stephen recently finished recreating the New York skyline after taking a twenty minute helicopter flight. Wow. Without a hint of irony, genius here.