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Star wars Uncut

August 20, 2010

Star Wars Uncut is the brainchild of Casey Pugh, a developer dedicated to creating new and fun experiences on the web.

Working as a developer at Vimeo, Casey became interested in using the internet as a tool for crowdsourcing user content.

Star Wars Uncut is the product of 2 years of hard work for Casey who wanted to test the appetite for creating a crowd sourced movie.

Rather than create a film from scratch Casey broke the first Star Wars film down into 15 second segments and asked the general public to make their own favourite segment of the  film. The results are in and the final edit is now available to view online.

If you love Be kind Rewind you’ll love this. Very lo-fi but none the less entertaining.


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August 19, 2010

Have dinner or lunch in the future at 4food for free.

4food is a hyper-connected social media generated restaurant.  It uses tech like foursquare or Facebook places and enables customers to build their own lunch, hamburgers, sides etc and give them a name.

Other customers can build their own or  they can buy your item. The more they do the more you get rewarded with 4food credit.

Who said their was no such thing as a free lunch.

Nice stuff coming to Madison avenue in NY this month.


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What’s your secret?

April 28, 2010

50 people one question is a fantastic website/video project where the creators have gone out onto the streets of New York and asked 50 people one simple question (funny that) What’s your secret?

Boring, I hear you say, but the results are strangely intriguing and mesmerizing. The answers range from the ridiculous to the heartfelt and scary the end result makes for compelling viewing. Check out the master film and the four other they have created here.

Dirty boy

April 21, 2010

More interactive fun. This time thanks to Axe (American for Lynx) de-oderant. It features clever use of your web-cam. Tonally it’s pretty low-rent, but fun all the same. Check it out here.

Bank job

April 20, 2010

Kill or be killed, in this choose your own adventure game. Incredibly complex fun here.

Check out more from the clever chaps at silktricky here.

Fly me to the moon…or the Himalayas, I’m easy

March 21, 2010

The clever peeps at Flype have developed my new favourite toy.  Flype is a fantastic new app for your iphone that allows you to use the compass and tilt functionality of your phone to control/fly a plane over a 3d realised version of google earth. And for those of you who don’t have an iphone you can use the impressive pooter version called Earthglider. Hours of fun and the future of gaming. Gutter tech at it’s best.

Lights, web camera, action

January 29, 2010

Absolutely genius bit of work from The Sweden. Movie fun here.

You fat bastard

January 7, 2010

Football is big in The Asia. Including South korea, where they love all things to do with the game. So much so, Kara (a south korean pop group) have written a song about their favorite footballers: Fernando, Cesc, Cristiano, Frank and David. All suspiciously worthy of first name only status (for legal reason I’d imagine).

Apparently, it’s not about footballers at all, but about exhibitionism. Me, I’m a fan of the bum wiggle half way through and i quite like the fact that they call Frank chubby. Pop fun here.

Roman wasn’t built in a day

January 6, 2010

Probably one of the most stunning pieces of 3d and cgi you have ever seen. Watch it and then consider this, the whole thing is totally built pixel by pixel by Alex Roman a one-man cgi master. Yep, the whole thing is artificial and if you don’t believe me watch the making of film below.

Admittedly the film is no script writing masterclass, but neither is Avatar and look how much that has made at the box office. Wow.

kroY weN

January 4, 2010

“Wonderland”, is a video by artist Hye Yeon Nam, (stick with it it’s not as bad as you think). The video features Hye walking backwwrds through New York (see what I’ve done with the title) and then reversed in playback so that she looks like she is walking forwards while the whole of New York goes backwards. Not the most original concept, countless music videos have been made this way (see most of Michel Gondry’s work), but there’s something about this technique that always get’s me. It’s also interesting to note that nobody around her seems to take any notice of her admittedly nonconformist behavior.