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Princess Diana

October 4, 2009


The Mini Diana camera is the smaller counterpart to the King of Lomo camera’s the Diana F+.  This fab little camera still has a nice little range of features and has all the quirks you would expect with Lomo cameras. If you want to get your hands on one and win a whole heap of prizes, the nice people at “It’s nice that” have launched a weekly competition so that you can get your hands on one. If you can’t be arsed entering a competition, just buy one here.


August 27, 2009


Enter the weird world of Tim Hunkin. This engineer/comedian/cartoonist has contraptions and machines for every useless thing you can imagine. One of the highlights has got to “Fly drive”. A fly simulator where you ar ethe fly and have to eat as much as you can before you get twatted. Loads of fun here.


August 13, 2009


Meetings waste money

July 17, 2009


If meetings bore you to tears, why not liven them up by seeing how much they’re costing the company and where your bonus is going. Meeting fun here.

Gamers disease

July 8, 2009

Continuing the thread of spending too much time playing games, when you could have been doing something more constructive.

Lego arcade

July 6, 2009

I used to own a proper pac-man arcade machine. Stupidly I gave it away so the less said about that the better. But what it means is the sound of the game is ingrained in my brain form the four hours a day I used to spend playing it and it brings back fond memories. Imagine my excitement this morning when I see some clever lego fan has gone and painstakingly put together a whole host of arcade classics in lego and animated them. Damn! If only I hadn’t wasted my time playing the game I could have done something constructive.

Which has got me thinking, I wonder how much of my life I have spent playing games instead of doing something that could have been more creative? Hmmmm.


June 9, 2009


It’s pretty self-explanatory. New York’s grid like streets become the urban alternative to the fast paced computer game of the 80’s. The great thing is that the one person dressed as pac-man must avoid being caught by the four ghosts by using google maps and gps to locate their position. Fun here.

It’s been a hard day’s night and month

June 8, 2009


Sorry the updates have been rubbish recently, (no pun intended) work, work ,work. But, I’m up to speed today so enjoy. This is a fantastic new bit of animation by Pete Candeland (the guy who directed the Gorillaz vids with Jamie Hewlett). It’s for the upcoming Rockband game. The cinematic teaser it’s top drawer and it actually makes me like The Beatles which is a first. Animation fun here.

Face Off

June 8, 2009


The busy bumblebees at Princetown Uni have been hard at it putting together a chart of face trustworthyness. Hold up the chart and see whether or not your best friend, wife, or husband, really is telling is trustworthy or if their a goddamm two-faced liar. Aaaahhh! And relax.


May 29, 2009

Aaaarrrr. Don’t hit the wittle kiddy kats, bad man.