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Face Invaders

August 31, 2010

Shoot up your friends Space Invaders style.


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Scott Pilgrim vs the trailer

August 24, 2010

Nice idea to promote the latest Edgar Wright movie Scott Pilgrim vs the world. I’m not sure you learn anything more about the film than you would from a conventional trailer, but it feels in keeping with the movie premise and made me play along and interact. Which is more than half the battle. Nice here.


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On your marks, get set, go buy an ipad

April 30, 2010

Dirty boy

April 21, 2010

More interactive fun. This time thanks to Axe (American for Lynx) de-oderant. It features clever use of your web-cam. Tonally it’s pretty low-rent, but fun all the same. Check it out here.

Bank job

April 20, 2010

Kill or be killed, in this choose your own adventure game. Incredibly complex fun here.

Check out more from the clever chaps at silktricky here.

Avatar the official game, in 1979

January 17, 2010

The very talented people at Penneydesign have come up with some nice retro themed games covers based on contemporary movie releases. My personal favourite is Cloverfield, more gaming fun here.

Cannibal Lector

January 5, 2010

If you’ve ever wondered what your body would taste like to somebody like Hannibal Lector, well now you can. I’d be Mesquite Tofu (mmmmmmm). Cannibal fun here.

You’ll go blind doing that

January 3, 2010

In a bid to help Xmas and New Year sales of Fifa 2010.Ea Sports has released this video of top footballers blindfolded trying to do keepy-uppies.

Viva resolution

January 3, 2010

In case you were too drunk on new years eve to actually make a new year’s resolution, or you were too drunk to remember what it was. The New Years Generator has come to your rescue. Fun here.

Real world racer

October 4, 2009

tom scott racer

If you  get bored during the day and fancy an old skool arcade race around the the real world. Check this great race game by Tom Scott. Using your arrow keys you can race anywhere google maps has been. Nice.