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On your marks, get set, go buy an ipad

April 30, 2010

Alice in iPad-land

April 23, 2010

The future of books is right here.

Dirty boy

April 21, 2010

More interactive fun. This time thanks to Axe (American for Lynx) de-oderant. It features clever use of your web-cam. Tonally it’s pretty low-rent, but fun all the same. Check it out here.

Fly me to the moon…or the Himalayas, I’m easy

March 21, 2010

The clever peeps at Flype have developed my new favourite toy.  Flype is a fantastic new app for your iphone that allows you to use the compass and tilt functionality of your phone to control/fly a plane over a 3d realised version of google earth. And for those of you who don’t have an iphone you can use the impressive pooter version called Earthglider. Hours of fun and the future of gaming. Gutter tech at it’s best.

Making the unbreakable, breakable

January 18, 2010

At this year’s CES a BBC reporter demonstrates the amazing qualities of the first “unbreakable” mobile phone…it breaks. Nice work here.

If you don’t know what CES is, it’s basically where all the latest technological advancements in phones, tv, media are unveiled. More here.

Is it an i-phone? No it’s Apple tablet, a giant i-phone

January 7, 2010

The highly anticipated Apple tablet is set to get a release date announcement on January 26th. The oversized I-phone will feature a 10.1 screen and enough power to run all your app’s and video software, but it will have a battery life of only 10 minutes (my guess). Not sure where this is supposed to fit into your product usage, but no doubt it will be success and everyone will want one.