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Super hero history

February 21, 2010

One of the best Flickr set’s I’ve seen in ages. Superheroes comped into historical moments. More history fun here.

Back to the future

April 24, 2009


A whoe new take on sleeveface has begun. Getting old pictures of streets from yesteryear and holding them up to to views of cities now.

Check out pics on flickr here.

Beware of black balloons

August 12, 2008

Found on flickr. More here.

Money shot

July 1, 2008

Iloverubbish was there at the birth of Sleeveface and I told you about Brochureface as it happened. Well now we’ve got money shots. Found on flickr.


May 2, 2008

Michael Hughes has got a fantastic series of holidays snaps on flickr. He’s taken sleeveface onto the international stage and given it a bit of a fresh twist as well, check it out. 


April 29, 2008

A great collection of old 70’s logo’s on Flickr. Woo hoo.

No parking

March 27, 2008

stupid-photo.jpgLove this pic. Found on flickr. 

Clever old Bird

March 16, 2008


The phone box is dead

March 11, 2008

phonebox.jpgI had the misfortune of losing my phone yesterday and had to use a public phone box to make a call. Not only did it cost me a pound to talk for about thirty seconds, it also stunk of piss. I never thought I’d say it but “thank god for the mobile phone”.Found on flickr. 

Sleeveface 2

February 1, 2008

picture-5.png   You may recall that a while back I alerted everyone to the impending internet phenomenon that is sleeveface. Well, it’s  now moved out of the basement and has it’s own section on flickr. There’s even talk of a sleeveface movie on E4.