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My new favourite band

April 7, 2010

It’s so bad, it’s good. I sort of half expect Aphex Twin to appear at some point. Very windowlicker, very cool. Next stop headline at Glasto?

The future’s bright, better wear shades

January 18, 2010

Guy (twat) has ray ban glasses tattooed onto his face.


January 18, 2010

This weekend saw the release of the new adidas star wars collection? The teaser ad has a cool slick party vibe, ala adidas’ house party, with of course the obligatory David Beckham shot. Sneaker fans are invited to visit the adidas facebook page to find out release info etc, etc, yawn.

Don’t stare it’s Ruud

October 14, 2009

ruud bann

Ruud Bann is a Dutch based photographer who has a great body of work on his site. He creates and captures fantastic portraits of people. He’s sort of like a Dutch La Chapelle without the hi-gloss. Nice work here.

Sew much to do

October 4, 2009

sewing machine

I never knew how these worked. Part of my “Learn something new everyday” mission.

Guess who’s back?

April 17, 2009


The near reclusive director Chris Cunningham is back with an ad for…wait for it Flora by Gucci. What? Yes, Chris has decided to return to the directing game with a perfume ad. Never the most adventurous or interesting genre of advertising, but Chris clearly felt he could earn a few quid by making in affect a 60 sec music video. It does bare similarities to a video he made years ago for Madonna.

All in all it’s nicely shot, the effects are subtle and quirky as you’d expect, but i reckon you ‘d be hard pressed to guess who directed it. Although there is the added bonus of a Chris Cunningham remix of Donna Summer’s “I feel love”.

Check out the ad here and the making of here.

Pixxxel Pool

January 9, 2009

poker pixels

Jean Yves Le Moigne a photographer (who’s work has graced the posts of I love rubbish before.) Has come up with a nice spread of pixel porn themed images for the magazine Amusement. Check them out here.

Fish flops

November 13, 2008

fish flops

The christmas gifts ideas keep on coming. Something for the stinky one in your life and more here.

Gimme 5, up high, down low, too slow

November 13, 2008

hi 5

I see your Hi-5 ipod application and raise you Hi-5 gloves. Come on all you winter Hi fivers glove up. Check them out here.

It’s rugby Jim, but not as we know it

October 21, 2008

Last weekend saw the second round of the Heineken Cup, a European rugby competition that seems to go on all year. Yawn. Anyway, here at our office we’ve been working on quite a bit of kit design recently, so naturally I was interested to see the new Stade Français kit.

The shirt features the Blanche de Castille, the wife of Louis VIII in the style of Andy Warhol. The club’s president, Max Guazzini is responsible and renowned for his colourful ownership and promotion of the club, (they usually wear pink) deliberately challenging the macho world of rugby.