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August 27, 2009


Enter the weird world of Tim Hunkin. This engineer/comedian/cartoonist has contraptions and machines for every useless thing you can imagine. One of the highlights has got to “Fly drive”. A fly simulator where you ar ethe fly and have to eat as much as you can before you get twatted. Loads of fun here.

New event for 2012

August 20, 2009


Chalk it up

July 17, 2009

Supporting your favourite rider though the Tour de France with an encouraging message chalked onto the road has been de rigueur for many years. But now Nike has taken it to next level with the Chalkbot.

Chalkbot is an automated chalk machine that moves along ahead of the cyclist and sprays your messages onto the tarmac. The machine can receive messages directly from twitter of the Livestrong website.

Nice stuff here.

Tour de Force

July 16, 2009

tour de france

It’s not only Lance Armstrong that makes the annual pilgrimage from Texas to the sweaty heat of France for LE TOUR. Photographer Brettt Humphreys has also been following the greatest cycling race in the world every year, snapping away and creating an online portfolio of beautiful images. Freewheel to pics here.

I like to ride my bicycle

April 23, 2009

Danny Macaskill defies gravity and logic. Nice.