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Tune in, pay up

August 30, 2010

No frills Tune Hotel has arrived in London. Tune are a chain of hotels from The Malaysia and The indonesia, Tune specialize in “five star beds, 1 star price” plus tax, plus towels, plus cleaning, plus anything you can think of.

Basically the room is cheap, but you pay for all the bits you normally expect on top, like towels and electricity, a window (ok, i made the last one up).

The only bit that confuses me is why cleaning is an added extra. Why would you have to pay for cleaning, surely that’s a given. If it isn’t imagine the state of the room if it went a year with no-one opting to pay for cleaning, nice.

Cheap frills and dirty weekends away here.


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I have the power

August 27, 2010

Whichever way you look at it power lines are an ugly and unsightly necessity of life. But Choi and Shine Architects based in The Boston have devised an ingenious way to make these eyesores beautiful and elegant. Their human pylons alter with the landscape so that when the electrical lines ascend a hill, the pylon figures imitate a climbing person. The pylon-figures can also be placed in pairs, walking side by side or glancing at each other or holding hands.

Nice work here.


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Rubik’s Cubism

August 27, 2010

Invader, an artist from The France is most famous for putting space invader characters in urban locations. Now he’s turned his hand to another 80’s phenomenon the Rubik’s cube. Most people would struggle to even make one side of a Rubik’s cube let alone a whole image. His collection features portraits and popular culture as well as historical events. Check it out here.


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24 rooms in 1

April 30, 2010

Yes you read correctly. It is a one room apartment that can transform into 24 different rooms. Why you would need 24 rooms is beyond me? After kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, I’m lost. But the designer believes that this layout is an efficient use of space.

One way he could have been more efficient  would have been to get rid of the 10, 000 cd’s taking up half the room and buy an ipod.

Roman wasn’t built in a day

January 6, 2010

Probably one of the most stunning pieces of 3d and cgi you have ever seen. Watch it and then consider this, the whole thing is totally built pixel by pixel by Alex Roman a one-man cgi master. Yep, the whole thing is artificial and if you don’t believe me watch the making of film below.

Admittedly the film is no script writing masterclass, but neither is Avatar and look how much that has made at the box office. Wow.

Ghost town

January 5, 2010

I’m not big on financial news, but this story is doing the rounds at the moment and it caught my eye. The Chinese government have built a brand new city in Mongolia called Ordos in just five years. This city has skyscrpaers, housing, concert halls everything a western city would have except one thing…people. The city has no residents. Why? Because it is just too expensive for the average man on the street. This purpose built city is less than 20 miles from the original Ordos city, which the government felt was too rundown, so they built a new one. The result is they built a shiny new city which is too expensive for anyone to afford and so the whole population still live in the rundown city next door. Madness here.

Empire state of mind

January 4, 2010

I can’t believe i missed this. Stephen Witlshire painted the New York skyline and it was live on his website. In case you don’t know who Stephen Wiltshire is, well he’s a an artist who draws and paints detailed cityscapes. He has a particular talent for drawing lifelike, accurate representations of cities, sometimes after having only observed them for a few minutes. His amazing photographic memory and knack for drawing earned him an MBE from the Queen. What makes his achievement an even more incredible feat is that Stephen was born with autism and communication skills.

Stephen recently finished recreating the New York skyline after taking a twenty minute helicopter flight. Wow. Without a hint of irony, genius here.

Black or white

December 22, 2009

Joakim Dahiqvist is from The Sweden but now lives in The America. A man with a fantastic eye for detail he studied Architecture in London and now produces incredible drawings like the one above. More nice work here.

Don’t Panic it’s only a film.

November 15, 2009

Panic Attack! or Ataque de Pánico! if you are from The Spanish, is a spectacular 5 min short film by Uraguayan director Fede Alvez, He shot the live action in 2006 but it has taken him over two years to finalize the effects shots. And it has clearly been time well spent as the final film looks incredible. The film see’s transformer like robot’s invading Montevideo and blowing the crap out of the city, which in my opinion is the best thing that could happen to the place. I only wish this film was for real.

More gossip about the film here.

Picture this

November 1, 2009


Benedict Redgrove is a fantastic car and architectural photographer, who creates beautifully composed shots of car factories and buildings (funny that). Check out the pages and pages of his work here.