Pole dancing

In the India, pole dancing championships means something very different to what you and I would  imagine. Gone are sexy women or half drunk flabby girls in clubs and in come agile men who perform sublime athletic moves.

The guy 1:40 in is genuinely incredible.


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55 Responses to “Pole dancing”

  1. Christy aka Mamarazzi Says:

    The range of thoughts in my head while I watched this varied from “What an amazing world we live in” to ” ” I wonder how many times they racked themselves while practicing this” Wow, incredible. Thanks for sharing.

  2. notcomplicated Says:

    Can I say I’m amazed…and jealous!


  3. The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife Says:

    be one with the pole Very impressive.

  4. Kimberly Says:


  5. lostbutf0und Says:

    The strength he must have in his legs!

  6. Erik Says:

    these dude have alot of balls to do something like this

  7. danieldamianm Says:

    how long before this is Olympic!?? Talk about providing transition for strippers!

  8. Nickolai Kinny Says:

    haha, its true i live in india and its a form of sport here , you should also look up yoga mid air and on poles 😛

  9. CrystalSpins Says:

    That’s no big deal — I can do that. 😉 Can’t everyone do that?


  10. thejamminjabber Says:

    Wow. Better than most strippers here in the states. Them bitchez is lazy!

  11. Peins & Denk « ZwerfRensBlog Says:

    […] gekloot… En na dit wat duffe gezeur even een indruk van wat ik ook wel zou willen kunnen: dit dus! Categories: Uncategorized Reacties (0) Trackbacks (0) Geef een reactie […]

  12. hclora Says:

    I shared this on facebook.

  13. popscure Says:

    Wow, loved the last kid.

  14. summerwallpapers Says:

    very funny, thanks

  15. killastrations Says:

    omg! extreme pole dancing lol… wish I could do that

  16. onepillawayfromchaos Says:

    Wow! That’s really all I can say…. Wow!

  17. gothichydran126 Says:

    If those muscle guys at Cirque du Soleil did this and went that fast….I’d be visiting almost every show screaming my head out.

  18. notesfromrumbleycottage Says:

    Wow, those were some routines. I can not even imagine trying it.

  19. greyzgreyz Says:

    I have first seen this on Youtube the other day as was astounded. Seeing this again, it’s just amazing how much strength these dancers has. Incredible!

  20. ljames152 Says:

    That was a sight to see.

  21. Ivy Says:

    A male pole gymnast… hmmm, very interesting. 😉

    Thanks for sharing! This truly made my day, lol

  22. Vikram Says:

    Its a fitness philosophy here in India. It’s called “Malkhamb”. Been performed several times on India’s got talent… yes we have that show in India too.

  23. ptc no scam Says:

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  24. iloverubbish Says:

    Hello. That’s the idea. Look at all the other entries. You write a catchy title and people notice it.

  25. hamster Says:

    Wow! Awesome! If these guys were white, their sport would be in the Olympics. Awesome strength, agility and coordination, not to mention courage. Standing on that little ball on the top of the pole and jumping off doing a flip – just great. I’m speechless.

  26. wordsfromawoman Says:

    Thinking this blog was about strippers, I ignored it for the longest. Turns out the video is about impressive acrobatics.


  27. Sixthirtythree Says:

    OMG! The second heavier guy was themost graceful, although all of them had grace and agility. I especially like when they turnd did the intro flip onto the pole and grabbed the pole with their ankle. This would be an interesting sport in the olympics.

  28. Mamá Leche Says:

    Holy cow. That looks super uncomfortable, especially when they go flying face-down onto the pole. How can that not hurt?

  29. CultureChoc2010 Says:


  30. sarahnsh Says:

    Whoa, that’s something else! I could never do that kind of pole dancing, now the other kind of pole dancing… maybe. 😉

  31. frayedges Says:

    Wow, just wow! Wish I had half the grace, flexibility, and strength as these guys

  32. melaniecoss Says:

    Omg! I Have Never in my mind would have thought that some in the world they would do something like that. That man was amazing. He has alot of talent & Great Gymnastics. Thank You for the video it made my day! =D

  33. 2zpoint Says:

    coincidentally I watched these videos 2 days ago. Strippers can’t touch this.

  34. annket Says:

    I think he is capable.

  35. boxset4less Says:

    So funny!Thanks!


  36. pagBasa Says:

    This is my first time to see this kind of sports. It’s a nice show down. I hope there are two or three pole at the same time.

  37. Kristine Tran Says:

    Wonderful. I like this guy :))

  38. Courtney Says:

    what the chuck! that was INSANE!!!!!

    holy moly! I think american pole dancers need to step their game up! hahah

  39. dcwright02 Says:

    strippers worldwide are now jealous of Indian men… thanks for posting!

  40. gazingatnavels Says:

    I’d be even more impressed if they did that while wearing stripper shoes.

  41. akka3 Says:

    Why is it that when men do this it is seen as great gymnastics and when women do it they are called strippers. Watch this and see wonderfully athletic these women are.

    There are poledancing world championships. The women and some men who do it are so brilliant, graceful, athletic, flexible, strong.

  42. The snooper Says:

    In spain we practice a lot of this kind of “sports”.

    But usually we put a bull in the place 😉

  43. jendelakatatiti Says:

    Wow..! Fantastic…..http://Jendelakatatiti.wordpress.com.

  44. drusillah Says:

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂 I didn’t know such a thing existed! It’s nice to see that pole dancing isn’t only for women.

    The second guy for some reason reminds me of an oversized baby. 😛 It might be his stature and the bright orange “underwear”,haha.

  45. natinanorton Says:

    Very impressive, indeed. But I’ve seen better.

  46. cheneetot08 Says:

    Wow! What a marvelous display of dexterity. Pole dancing is starting to be one of the latest fad again, Nowadays more and more people are expressing their curiosity and interest in this field.

  47. secondsit Says:

    there were only two things that came to mind while watching the vid. 1. why dont we have stripper moves like that, 2. it would be scary if you go in to one of the strip clubs and find a guy working the pole

  48. sayitinasong Says:

    whoa… never seen this type of pole dancing! Such muscle control! These guys have missed out on a calling as a pro gymnast!

  49. sof Says:

    Great Post !!

  50. smftw07 Says:

    When the first guy ran towards the pole and grabbed it with his legs, my knees tingled in a bad way. I would scared of not grabbing the pole with my legs in time and hitting my nuts.

    By the way, this is some crazy stuff!

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