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Nuit Blanche

February 22, 2010

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Superb short film, that tells a simple narrative through complex animation and intriguing CG visuals. Nice work from Arev Manoukin. The only thing thta’s better than this short is the making of, found here.

Super hero history

February 21, 2010

One of the best Flickr set’s I’ve seen in ages. Superheroes comped into historical moments. More history fun here.

Original Mixtape

February 21, 2010

Alexis Malbert is a mixmaster general from The France. But rather than use conventional decks, Alexis likes to keep it real and use old cassette tapes to make some crazeee sounds. And I mean crazy. Mix tape fun here.

Dog twitter

February 18, 2010

If you own a dog like me. You can now set up a twitter account for them. So when your pooch has finished being sociable in the park (sniffing another dogs arse) they can be sociable at home. The unique iphone app records your dog’s bark and turn’s it into a tweet.

Unfortunately this only exists in The japan at the moment and Mattel are set to release their own version later this year. Has the world gone barking mad? (Obvious pun I know, but i couldn’t resist.

World Cup Run

February 18, 2010

It put a smile on my face and made me wish the World cup started today. Simple but brilliant work from the boy Palmer.

That was the week that was

February 1, 2010

Sorry I didn’t post much last week, but the last seven days have been the most hectic and the most fun at work.

We started out by launching the world’s first Augmented Reality clothing range for kids label BrightsandStripes. A huge technical and logistical achievement which we turned around in two months.  Phew.

We were also involved in putting together all the advertising for the world’s first 3d football match. Pretty amazing to say I was one of the first people on the planet to have seen the event.

And then we had to launch the new and final series of Lost, which we did by hiring the Reduced Shakespeare Company. Who condensed all 5 series and over 100 hours of tv viewing into just a ten minute theatrical show. Very funny stuff.

Video to follow soon.