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Sweet left peg

October 14, 2009

Lego Monsters

October 14, 2009

alien lego

Don’t feel embarrassed playing with Lego anymore. While your youngest attempts to build a car that will never roll. You can scare him shitless by reconstructing Alien or The Predator. More  incredible Movie Lego work here.

Don’t stare it’s Ruud

October 14, 2009

ruud bann

Ruud Bann is a Dutch based photographer who has a great body of work on his site. He creates and captures fantastic portraits of people. He’s sort of like a Dutch La Chapelle without the hi-gloss. Nice work here.

Say what you see

October 13, 2009


From the boredom that was the recent political party conferences, some clever sausage has created a bit of fun. Just click the words on screen and the political leaders say the words. In case you don’t know who the peeps are. Brown, Cameron and Clegg are the leaders of the main political parties here in The England. Fun here.

The Invisible Man

October 9, 2009

Invisible lorry

Chinese performance artist Liu Bolin. Known locally as the invisible man Liu paints himself into his surroundings. Explaining his work he says, “My artwork dipicts the diminishing humanity in today’s society. I use my art to reflect on culture, the environment and the fast economic development.” Whatever. Nice pic’s though. Here.

Real world racer

October 4, 2009

tom scott racer

If you  get bored during the day and fancy an old skool arcade race around the the real world. Check this great race game by Tom Scott. Using your arrow keys you can race anywhere google maps has been. Nice.

Buildings in 3D

October 4, 2009

3d building projections are all the rage. Some quite amazing stuff here.

Sew much to do

October 4, 2009

sewing machine

I never knew how these worked. Part of my “Learn something new everyday” mission.

Princess Diana

October 4, 2009


The Mini Diana camera is the smaller counterpart to the King of Lomo camera’s the Diana F+.  This fab little camera still has a nice little range of features and has all the quirks you would expect with Lomo cameras. If you want to get your hands on one and win a whole heap of prizes, the nice people at “It’s nice that” have launched a weekly competition so that you can get your hands on one. If you can’t be arsed entering a competition, just buy one here.