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Bra scrappage scheme

October 27, 2009


Following in the successful footsteps of the motor industry, Je m’ Appelle Nikki a lingerie store based in The Amsterdam, has decided to launch their own version of the car scrappage scheme. The Bra scrappage scheme encourages customers to bring in their thread bare faded bra’s and get €7.50 off a new one. Genius here.

I Love Dust

October 27, 2009


I had the privilege of meeting these guys last week. And what a talented bunch they are. Designing t-shirts, skateboards, clothing labels, ad’s, album launches, tv ad’s, shoes, packaging. Wow. They have offices in all the creative hubs around the world London, New York and Portsmouth!. Nice people I hope to work with in the future. Check out their stuff here.

Plane stupid

October 25, 2009


Josef Hoflehner is a fab photographer with a mountain of black and white work on his website. His jetliner series caught my eye. There is a whole number of pic’s of the ridiculous holiday destination St Maarten island, which has a landing strip right behind the main beach. Nice work here.

Don’t feel down

October 23, 2009

weak shop

If you’re feeling tired and generally worn down by life. Well The Weak Shop is here to carry the burden. Nifty gadgest to help you cope with the stresses and strains of life. like carrying your wallet and holding your head up. I’d write more but I’m tired. Fun here.

Cover Lover

October 22, 2009

cover lover

LP Cover Lover is a fantastic website that has collated all the weird and wonderful album covers that have ever graced the decks. No end of amusement here.

Shooting stars

October 18, 2009

In The Japan they love to play a prank and make a fool of themselves on national television. But re-enacting a hostage situation with deaths and a gun being held to your head, could be considered to be taking it a bit too far. Jeremy Beadle will be turning in his grave (god rest in soul.)

Credit where credits due

October 18, 2009


A nice visual idea from director Keith Schofield for the new Lenny Kravitz single. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out here.

Slam dunk

October 15, 2009

Eyes wide shut

October 15, 2009

columbia road

Seamus Ryan is a photographer with a studio in Columbia Road, London. For those who don’t know, every sunday Columbia Road hosts a fantastic flower market, where you can buy all manner of plants and foliage at rock bottom prices. The result is mass of people from all walks of life and fragrant flowery scents from all around the world.

Not to miss out on this hive of activity every Sunday Seamus throws open the doors of his studio and invites the flower mad public to pose for a portrait. . This Sunday as a part of his Sunday shoots series he will be taking pics of the public with there eyes shut in aid of RNIB. Fab.

Hit me baby one more time

October 15, 2009

3d work

Some fantastic 3d work here. Dutch motion designers One Size have created a fabulous piece of work with the help of Jasper Faber.