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The fourth plinth

July 7, 2009

fourth plinth

The Fourth Plinth is the name given to the empty plinth in the north-west corner of Trafalgar Square in London. It was originally designed by Sir Charles Barry and built in 1841 to display an equestrian statue. There were not enough funds available at the time to create a statue and so the plinth was sometimes referred to as the ’empty plinth’. Over time it has been occupied by temporary statues and advertising opportunities. But for the next 100 days artist Anthony Gormley has decided that every hour, 24 hours a day for the next 100 days, a different person will step up to the Fourth Plinth and help make a living portrait of the UK. You can watch the live feed here. It was all going fine until the freak tropical storm which included 1/2 inch hail stones battered this poor woman for her hour in the spotlight.

The beautiful game

July 7, 2009

Znicz Pruskowz are a football team that plays in the Polish league. And like most football clubs they cater for the home fans and of course the away fans as well. Except in Poland crowd trouble is so bad they have to make sure that only a limited number of away fans go to games. Mmmm. Note to self, must go to a footie match in Poland.