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May 29, 2009

Aaaarrrr. Don’t hit the wittle kiddy kats, bad man.

People are strange

May 27, 2009

Birthing balls the new skateboard? Xgames here they come.

Sidewalk surfer

May 26, 2009

Bryan Snyder an artist in the USA has turned a flapping piece of fabric and a wire fence into a work of art. Nice

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May 25, 2009


Jan Vormann is a clever little sausage from The Germany. He’s come up with the genius idea of filling up any missing part of a building with the colourful blocks we know as Lego. Check out his plastic block building restoration work here.

Spezify is rubbish

May 25, 2009


If your job is to come up with ideas or you just want to quickly find out what the zeitgeist is about a particular topic. Spezify is for you, it’s a fab website that will give you every possible web related content (pictures, twitter, news, flickr etc) based on the keyword’s you want it to search for. 

When I searched iloverubbish it came up with all manner of links, pages and images. It even had my twitter posts I sent while I was stuck in a lift on Friday. Brilliant here.


May 25, 2009

von 2

Von is an artist/illustrator who does some nice textural work using old skool paint and pencils and modern digi techniques. He’s just updated his website and there’s a load of work to look at. Nice stuff here.

Steal our ideas

May 15, 2009


 The best cv so far this year.

Stolen from Koopa @ rubbishcorp.

Real life twitter

May 14, 2009

I wanted to stop myself posting about Twitter, because there’s already enough noise around the service. But in the end I succumbed and had to post this vid because it’s exactly how I imagine it.


May 11, 2009

A really sweet film by Patrick Hughes, but I couldn’t help thinking I was being sold Schweppes. I hope not.

More about Patrick here.

I believe I can fly

May 11, 2009

car flying

Back in the day (April last year actually) I posted a blog about the incredible photography of Li Wei, this post featured Li’s phography of people falling off of buildings. Well Li is back and has just updated his website. There are a whole host of new and fun pics featuring people in precarious elevated positions. Nice.

Check out his site here.