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Spiderman, spiderman, hiding round the corner man

February 28, 2008

spiderman.jpgOne of a series of photos by Amy Stien. Nice. 

Stop! Hammer blog time

February 26, 2008

mchammer.jpgFrom London to Bombay, it’s hammer, yo hammer, mc hammer, yo hammer and the rest can go and play. MC Hammer is a back and blogging. woo hoo.

A room with a view

February 26, 2008

picture-20.pngHow do you get onto the balcony? Modern apartments in the foreign.

I’m in the mood…

February 22, 2008

Woohoo it’s Friday. Get your dancing shoes on. 


February 22, 2008

xray.jpgThis has go to be painful. See some more here. 

Your rubbish

February 21, 2008

hurdles.jpg I was never any good at the hurdles  at school and I’m rubbish at them on the Wii as well. Must be a lack of coordination or sumfink.


February 21, 2008

no-sky.jpg In Public is a website that promotes street photography.  

Rembrandt Simpson

February 19, 2008

homer.jpg  Limpfish is a design company who do small scale photoshop image manipulation. Some of them are really funny – like this one and some are rubbish hence their inclusion on this blog. 

Your next holiday?

February 19, 2008

guantanamo.jpgFONTASY have created a range of ad’s that use fonts in unexpected ways. Not the most original idea I know, but it made me chuckle. 

HELP!…I’m falling

February 19, 2008

falling2.jpg Kerry Skarbarka has an interesting series of pics capturing the moment people are falling over.