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December 20, 2007

maxi_rsjrnd3tam9d1heze4rq.jpgWoo hoo, breakfast, lunch or dinner on the go. As long as you only have one drink and a heavy sandwich.

Where in the world?

December 20, 2007

travel.jpgPut your GCSE geography skills to the test. Level 12, get in! 

Please leave a message after the beep

December 20, 2007


 According to two Canadian boffins, E.T. is so bored by our messages he can’t be assed to phone home.

“Radio messages we’ve sent whizzing out into space over the years to try to contact aliens may simply be too boring for extra-terrestrial beings to answer”, say a couple of Canadian astrophysicists. “Tedious bits of math, physics and biology normally on offer may just be intellectual spam to their alien minds.” Brilliant, space spam.



Sat Lav

December 19, 2007

toilet1.jpg Londoners will never have to pee behind a bin again thanks to a new, if somewhat bizarre, initiative from Westminster City Council, which will allow those caught short to text a new service that will tell where the nearest public toilet is. I kid you not. 

Big ‘ead

December 18, 2007

picture-7.jpgSome nice stuff by a retouching studio in Paris. 

Nike R.I.P

December 18, 2007

55348_untitled.jpgI’ve just realised their is a bit of a death theme to this weeks blog…Sorry, normal ridiculousness will resume soon. However,  if your in Southend at the weekend. You can see the headstones of commercialism. Woooo…arty.

Probably the best use of slo-mo video ever

December 17, 2007

Pint of wife-beater please landlord

December 17, 2007

stellasun.jpgThese new Stella print ad’s caught my eye. What makes them even better is the way they come alive online. 

Leave something for your loved ones

December 17, 2007

picture-11.png From the same people that brought us – “How much booze will kill me

New Banksy work

December 16, 2007